Steroids are being named among the drugs that enhance performances. The Athletics Tanzania’s Secretary General, Wilhelm Gidabuday unveiled here yesterday and named athletes Elia Daudi Sidame and Msandeki Mohamed Ikoki as the victims of the abuse.

He said both athletes were diagnosed of having taken steroids at different places and time. Gidabuday revealed that Elia Daudi Sidame was found to use muscle stimulating drugs on October 16 last year in Brazil where he had gone to participate in athletic event.

He said a month later in November last year, the athlete was again tested and found to have traces of ‘Norandrostane,’ in his blood. As for the second suspect, Msenduki Mohammed Ikoki, the AT Secretary General, claimed that the athlete was also found to use the same steroids after being tested in China in January this year.

He warned other athletes against using any kind of drug that enhance performances saying they tarnish the image of the athlete personally and the country.

“The World Anti-Drug Association (WADA) had lodged complaints to the International Athletics Associations Federation (IAAF) which sent us an official letter to that effect and this has prompted us to take the disciplinary action against the two athletes,” said Gidabuday.

The AT Secretary General added that, after the dispatch from the International Athletics body, the National Body also started its own series of investigations over the matter and realised that, the allegations were true.

“Athletes should be content with their peak performance as well as what they earn, striving to achieve beyond their capabilities is what drive them towards using energy enhancing steroids,” said Gidabuday.

Gidabuday explained that the RT took its time before making decision because already the issue was being followed up by various other institutions such as the Athletes Integrity Unity(AIU), World Anti-Doping Agency and the IAAF itself.