I have been labeled with so many unpalatable names for telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, but this, I can assure you, will not deter me from carrying on, wanaochukia wameze wembe! I know that there some people who don’t agree with my opinion, but I hope you will agree with me that most Tanzanians are lazy a lot, who lack creativity, wavivu balaa!

The funny thing is that Tanzanians are easily satisfied, and most of them lack ambitions, that is why they end up gathering in groups in what we call ‘vijiwe’ and complaining their hearts out, but they will do nothing, absolutely nothing, when it really matters.

“Bwana ee, vyuma vimekazaa balaa raundi hii, Ngosha anatuua wallah, hela imepotea mjini!”, you will hear some of them complain, while in real fact they do nothing to change their situation, just blaming the president and the government for their poverty. It is because of this that a certain group of people have decided to take advantage of the whole situation and make a living out of the laziness of Tanzanians.

These people are called ‘dalalis’, madalali wa nyumba na viwanja, they are all over, that is why nowadays you can even hire the services of dalalis to get a wife, why? Because most Tanzanians are too lazy, that is why. Hivi tuseme ukweli, do we really need these people?

If you ask me, I will give you a straight answer; no we do not, yaani hatuwahitaji kabisa! For those of you who have been able to visit neighbouring countries, then you will know for sure that the services of the so called dalalis is for specific reasons only, and not to help one to look for a house.

Our neighbours use their own time and money to search for a suitable house, look for the landlord/lady, pay for the house, and shift as soon as possible, because they know what they want, they know how they will get what they want, and at what time.....Tanzanians don’t have that time!

We all complain that life has become too tough, and we don’t know what to do about it, crying to the government to rescue us from imminent poverty...hivi hamjui madalali wanachangia kwa kuwepo maisha magumu?

I am telling you the truth, because these people we call dalalis have a reputation of hiking rent for their own benefit, while salaries remain constant, sit down and think, haihitaji utaalam!

A landlord might be ready for a tenant, with a house of let’s say 70,000/- per month, and by the time the dalalis get wind of it, the rent skyrockets to 150,000/- overnight, why? Kaeni chini mjiulize maswali! “Mzee hii nyumba mimi nitakuletea mpangaji atakupa hata laki moja, kweli kabisa!” one dalali will tell the owner of the house, and not to be outdone, another dalali will hike the rent, and when eventually a tenant is found, hajui hili wala lile, atalipa tu.

If the landlord had opted to advertise his house, a prospective tenant who is struggling to make ends meet will end up paying for the 70,000/-, and life goes on, but because we opt for very dangerous short cuts, we end up paying double in almost everything, kisa uvivu tu.

Because this particular group has vowed to take advantage of every available opportunity, they will even appear to be normal people who are trying to earn an honest living, while in actual sense they are crooks who belong in prison, wezi na matapeli!

That is why you will come across them in bus stands, telling you which bus to board, and I think this is why some Tanzanians finish class seven and they are still illiterate, nawaambieni kweli kabisa.

We call them wapiga debe. This is another group of ‘dalalis who are there to earn an easy buck on the backs of hard working Tanzanians. Hivi hata kama hatujui kusoma na kuandika, do we really need the wapiga debe to tell us which bus to enter? Do we need them to tell us that this bus is full and the other one has space?

Kutokufikiria tu, nawaambieni! And then after doing this, they turn to the conductor and demand to be paid, and because Tanzanians are strange a lot, the poor conductor coughs up the money, and the exercise is repeated at the following bus stand.

It is high time we as Tanzanians should know the truth about ourselves, and it is only this truth which will set us free, nawaambieni kweli!