This is where many people keep waiting to hit the jackpot, which hardly happens in their lifetime. So the people who want to become rich through winning a lottery are the ones to opt for easy solutions, and avoid challenges in life.

But when people adopt easy solutions, or the so called short-cuts, the probability of hitting the bulls’ eye becomes very bleak. Remember, today’s world is a competitive one where the concept of ‘survival of the fittest’ prevails.

Although some people may still hold a belief that all events are predetermined and therefore inevitable. But the moot question remains - nobody knows what those events are and when they are likely to occur - if at all they would ever occur.

So winning a lottery is a mere probability which may or may not occur during somebody’s lifetime. That being the case, should you keep waiting to win a lottery so that you can become rich one day? So avoid having a lottery mentality. At this stage, let me present a simple definition of “lottery mentality”.

It is a belief that someday one will win a lottery and that one’s problems will go away. Therefore, it is simply a desire to become rich by winning a lottery or through some other method other than earning it.

Since you have rightly understood the meaning let me highlight some of its looming dangers. This is a mental disorder spreading through our society which could destroy your life.

It’s the “lottery mentality” i.e. the desire for unearned success, we read about it every day - a man wins the lottery and is set for life, or a woman wins a lawsuit and never has to work again.

The mere thought of unearned success brings a smile to our faces. You’re thinking, “so what’s wrong with winning a lottery, and what does it have to do with my aikido [a Japanese form of self-defence and martial art]?” There may be nothing wrong with winning the lottery; however, the pursuit of unearned success which it represents can be a danger to all aspects of your life, including the aikido practice.

The “lottery mentality” practiced in one part of our life will soon spread to other aspects of our life like a cancer. Without recognition of this disorder, we would soon be wasting our energy chasing “lottery tickets” rather than committing to our mandatory daily practice of working hard - which is the only way to a sure success.

Remember people who have achieved something remarkable in life are the ones not with ‘lottery mentality’ but with “Action Mentality”.

This is where the real key to success lies. Mind it; there is nothing wrong in winning a lottery if at all you get a chance. But this must remain as a secondary issue and should never become the real focus of your life.

I hope after reading this article those who are suffering from the syndrome of ‘lottery mentality’ would immediately take steps to adopt the “Action Oriented Mentality”. Cheers!!!!