Business will be booming and many children will be tempted to quit school to mint quick money in them just because temptations are high, and in some cases to avoid attending classes on empty stomachs as a result of some parents failing to feed them.

As many leaders are more concerned on industrializing their regions, it is not known what arrangements they have in place to address the plight of children dropping out of school because of starvation and poverty related reasons, as some are orphans and some ‘being the breadwinners’ taking care of their sickling and elderly parents in their homes and expected to be in schools.

There are many social and economic pressures which may drive some children to opt to drop out of school, which ought to be also addressed by the regional leaders, parents and educational stakeholders instead of waiting to face a situation like the emergency of bodaboda business which somehow became a thorn in the flesh in the country.

As a nation, it is the responsibility of everyone to start thinking of this phenomenon instead of waiting to apportion blames as if we never show it coming, otherwise the rate at which children would be abandoning schools, would mean robbing Peter to pay Paul business.

In many industries children have been mistreated by their employers because of their age and ignorance of labour laws, and it is therefore, the onus of the local leaders and parents to know start thinking collectively on how to approach this.

Parents would be blamed when their children drop out of schools as well as the leaders and the employers, who unfortunately will be capitalists, and would only mind about maximizing profits by exhausting such employees in order to secure extra coins.

Though the Constitution, stipulates that children shall not be employed to perform work that is likely to be hazardous or to interfere with their education or to be harmful to their health, implementing that to the letter requires proper planning right now.

The law further demands that any person who has knowledge of a child being employed in a way that is not legally acceptable, must report the matter to the labour officer of the area.